Land Design Partnership was established in 1992 and is an efficient organisation specialising in finding creative solutions to design problems. The practice is experienced in the provision of the following landscape architectural consulting services:

Landscape planning and design.
Urban design and urban planning.
Site planning.
Subdivision design.
Physical structure siting.
Landscape assessment.
Visual assessment.
Detailed design and documentation.
Tendering and administration.
Strategic planning.
Preparation and presentation of expert witness evidence.

Land Design Partnership is well recognised for its ability to comprehend, analyse and solve land related problems and is committed to meeting the following objectives:

Recognising particular client requirements.
Producing intelligent and artful solutions to land and urban planning problems.
Providing considerable expertise to the promotion of land design that is sensitive to both ecology and economics.
Adopting an individual innovative approach to each project.
Thoroughly researching existing conditions and comprehensively documenting proposals.


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