About Us

The firm is privileged to have a highly qualified staff of nine landscape architects, technical support staff and one office administrator.

The Land Design Partnership Pty. Ltd. team is led by:

Greg Hocking (Director Landscape Architect)
With Australia wide experience over the past twenty years, Greg has played a specialist role in the design, design development and documentation of many major landscape projects, many of which have received awards. Greg is a well respected leader of a range of Urban Design teams producing widely applauded results.

Lindsay Fraser (Director Landscape Architect)
Lindsay is an experienced and effective provider of professional services in areas such as Campus Planning and Design, Hospital Site Planning and Detailed Design, Community Facilities Design and Residential projects. Lindsay has the maturity, sensitivity and discipline required to lead multi-disciplinary teams, which he does with style.

Leslie Mohr (Director Landscape Architect)
Leslie has a background in Architecture and over 13 years experience in Landscape Architecture. Her landscape experience is wide ranging, from small scale projects to Master Planning. Leslie is equally capable of design, documentation and detailing and project supervision and co-ordination.

Brigitte Nott (Associate Director, Office Manager)
Brigitte is responsible for the day to day administration of the firm and has extensive experience and expertise in this area. Brigitte is a very efficient and committed professional whose judgment is sought on most major policy decisions facing the practice.