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The New Royal Children's Hospital Main Entry

The New Royal Children's Hospital Neighbourhood Waiting Space

Current Projects

Land Design Partnership currently has a large client base and projects ranging from master planning through to detailed design.

Our Client base includes local and state government agencies and private developers. Our practice is also enjoying working with a variety of specialist consultants including planning consultants, architects, engineers, artists, flora and fauna consultants, fire consultants, hydrologists and urban economists.

A cross section of the wide range of current projects includes:

The New Royal Children’s Hospital Project – Stage 1 (complete) and Stage 2

Land Design Partnership has been involved in this project since its inception in 2006. Working as a member of the team for the master planning and feasibility Bid stage. Land Design Partnership’s collaboration with the Children’s Health Partnership, Bovis Lend Lease, architects Billard Lease and Bates Smart and many other consultants has recently seen the completion of Stage 1, with Stage 2 to commence landscape construction in 2013.

Werribee Open Range Zoo Arrivals Precinct, Werribee

Working in a multi-disiplinary team, Land Design Partnership is currently in the design stage for works associated with the new Arrivals Precinct at the Open Range Zoo. The concepts look at engaging visitors immediately upon arrival in carparks and a forecourt offering an introductory experience to the Zoo.

Wyndham Leisure and Events Precinct, Werribee

Land Design Partnership is part of a multi-disciplinary design and planning team for the proposed development of a site which will incorporate Council’s main library and the expansion of the existing Aquatic and Leisure Centre. The new precinct will broaden the use and functions of the existing Events Centre and develop a precinct ‘hub’.

Australian Synchrotron, Clayton

The Australian Synchrotron is a facility providing opportunities for scientific research associated with the use of highly intense light. Land Design Partnership, leading a multi-disciplinary team, has completed detailed design and documentation and construction will commence in late 2012.

Bunguyan Recreation Reserve Master Plan, Tyabb

This master plan project for Mornington Peninsula Shire focuses on landscape and recreation planning to improve facilities and services within the Reserve and addresses stakeholder and community issues. As part of the study, the facilities and services offered at the nearby Tyabb Central Reserve have also been considered.

Growth Areas Station Programme, Williams Landing, Caroline Springs, Lynbrook and Cardinia Road

Land Design Partnership Pty. Ltd. was part of a multidisciplinary team developing designs for four new rail stations. The stations are located in proximity to some of Melbourne’s key growth areas: Williams Landing, Caroline Springs, Lynbrook and Cardinia Road. For Lynbrook Station and Cardinia Road Station, Land Design Partnership has continued to provide services during detailed design, documentation and contract administration during construction.

Hawthorn Aquatic Centre and Linda Crescent Parking Precinct, Hawthorn

Working in a multi-disiplinary team, Land Design Partnership has developed designs for landscape works associated with a new and expanded Aquatic Centre. The Centre has a very strong community focus and it has been important to maintain strong visual and physical connections. The landscaping of the Linda Crescent parking precinct has been an important adjunct to the Aquatic Centre project.